Custom-Built Classic Sheds

Classic sheds are a great addition to any home. A great place for outside storage, lawn and gardening equipment can be kept in a safe place, and out of the weather. Over the years, you’re bound to accumulate a number of items that clutter your home, and would just be better left outside. Lan-Chester Sheds & Gazebos can provide the perfect storage solution, large enough for all of your items. Though the layout is always traditional, you can customize your classic shed, choosing from a variety of roof shapes, wall heights, siding options, and colors.

Standard features on all classic sheds:

Features 8″ overhangs, 24″ x 36″ windows, and a 7 pitch roof.

  • Double Doors
  • 2 Windows (24 x 36)
  • 2 Arched Gable Vents
  • Wooden Z-Shutters
  • 30 Year Architectural Shingles
  • Classic Garage Door with Windows
  • Radiant Barrier on Roof


LP radiant barriers are used in the ceilings of all Lan-Chester sheds. Radiant barriers keep your shed cooler in the summer, and increase the amount of light inside. Reducing the heat inside of your classic shed, can also help to prevent your items from heat damage.

Each and every one of our classic sheds are built with high quality materials, in the design of your choice. You can use our color visualizer to test different color options for wooden sheds, or vinyl sheds.


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