Custom Cedar Sheds

Lan-Chester Sheds & Gazebos offer custom cedar sheds, for beautiful and efficient storage solution. The great thing about a cedar shed, is cedar wood’s natural resistance to water and insects. Keep your stored items safe for years to come, with a shed built from a wood that can stand the test of time. Not only will your cedar shed look beautiful, it will smell great!

Cedar sheds are often more expensive than sheds made from other materials. However, due to cedar wood’s natural resistance, sheds made from cedar have a long long lifetime.

Not only do we offer cedar sheds, we also offer cedar gazebos, garages, and animal shelters.

LP radiant barriers are used in the ceilings of all Lan-Chester sheds. Radiant barriers keep your shed cooler in the summer, and increase the amount of light inside. Reducing the heat inside of your shed, can also help to prevent your items from heat damage.

Each and every one of our sheds are built with high quality materials, in the design of your choice.


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